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This is the age of the customer and at Bridge we believe that excellence in service comes from employees that truly believe in, and are engaged with, the organisations they represent. We offer clients a fresh and imaginative approach to people development, service strategy, employee engagement & culture. Whether it is a single training solution or a full employee engagement campaign, our unique insight into the correlation between brand, values and people performance builds bridges to both internal and external customers.

We believe in transparency, partnership and turning value words into living actions. Take a look inside and discover how our values: Creative, Informative, Empowering, Fun and Innovative can connect your people to your brand. read more 

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Customers Challenge the Ordinary in Search for Authentic Service

I had to ask myself, ‘why are boutique hotels so fashionable at the moment?’ and ‘how does their service differ from the traditional 5-star style that the market has become accustomed to?’ I also needed to better understand what it was that guests were seeking in this alternative and evolving market.

Keeping the coin spinning: Brand and Culture

'Brand and culture: two sides of the same coin'. I first heard this statement from Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, the online shoe retailer acclaimed for building a business with people and culture as the DNA of its customer offering. Since then, it has often been used to show the correlation between the two forces and how, once connected, they can drive the success of an organisation and its customer experience.

Brand Passion – Volatile or Engaging?

In anticipation of our upcoming BridgeTalks event with Scott Northcutt, Senior VP of HR from Bacardi in a few weeks’ time, I have been toying with the idea of brand passion. Bacardi is the world’s largest privately held spirits company and the word ‘passion’ is very much part of the Bacardi brand story and culture, as well as being one of their brand values. This started me thinking about the word and its true meaning. Bacardi’s global campaign ‘untameable’ is an amazing example of how passion has been a driving force behind the brand since its beginning. One ad says: ‘Earthquakes, fires, exile, prohibition – sorry fate – you picked the wrong family.’ It takes viewers on a roller coaster ride through history, showing tipping points that would have ended its journey if not for the true grit and passion of its owners to survive.

Inside our Brand DNA - Time-lining Brand Stories

Last week Bridge celebrated 10 years in business, and in that time I have seen an industry come alive across the UK and globally. We are often so struck by the latest gadget launch or advancement in technology that we forget the advancements in how we view people and brand.

Employees Must be the Biggest Fans of Your Brand and Culture

The importance of employee engagement to brand and culture has been severely underrated in the past. Now, however, it is a crucial aspect of running a successful business. If one’s employees do not believe in the brand and the brand's culture, why should customers?